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The Ultractec boiler range has the option to fire on gas, ULSD oil or both. The boiler range is manufactured from 316L stainless steel which offers a high corrosive resistance to the acidic nature of condensate. By using this material allows us to be able to offer you a 5 year Guarantee

The Boiler is offered with a high efficiency fully modulating burner so you can achieve a 5:1 turndown + with guaranteed O2 emissions of 3% throughout the firing range

When buying the full package (Boiler, Burner and Control system) you will be able to operate at the highest efficiencies possible which will provide you with maximum fuel savings.

The smaller boiler range can be offered with an ON/OFF operating burner still with guaranteed O2 emissions throughout the firing range.

The Ultratec range carries both UK and US patents.

 All of the Ultratec boilers are manufactured inline with the relevant approvals required, we are proud to have obtained CE & ASME (H-stamp) approvals along with being registered with the National Board



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